red espresso® Rooibos Espresso 1kg

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red espresso® is 100% award-winning Rooibos tea specially ground for use in coffee appliances to deliver a strong Rooibos espresso. Naturally caffeine-free, red espresso® can be enjoyed anytime of the day or night and is perfect for the whole family. Delicious on its own, red espresso® can also be made into a range of different drinks. Add milk of choice for a latte or South Africa’s much loved red cappuccino®. Add fruit juice and ice for a freshly prepared iced tea, or add a booster shot to your morning smoothie.

red espresso® Rooibos, is no ordinary tea.

✓ Winner of 5 international awards
✓ Ethically sourced Rooibos
✓ Grown naturally, slowly 
✓ Naturally caffeine-free
✓ preground and ready to use
✓ No additives, preservatives, colorants or nasties
✓ Is the base for a variety of red drinks served in cafes nationwide


Made from 100% Rooibos tea (Aspalathus Linearis).

How to make

Especially ground for use in coffee appliances.

See brewing guide for details.

Customer Reviews

14 reviews for red espresso® Rooibos Espresso 1kg

  1. darren

    this is a brilliant alternative to coffee

  2. Jo

    Customers like the smoothness of the tea. They like the fact its like drinking a coffee but without the heaviness of the caffeine, A lot of my customers cannot drink caffeine after a certain time of day and like the alternative, plus they like it for health reasons. They also like the cold version with the apple juice.

  3. Nick

    Red Cappuccino may look, act and sound just like any other high-end espresso-based drink, but it is naturally caffeine-free and it also contains five times more antioxidants than green tea, making it the very definition of a superfood. What’s more, Red Espresso boosts immunity, alleviates pain and fights cancer…Add a dash of honey, and it tastes amazing too.

  4. OQ Coffee Co

    A fun, sweet alternative to decaf

  5. My Little Melbourne Coffee

    Decaf has never been this tasty

  6. Empire 6714

    Amongst a long list of health benefits it is naturally caffeine free, contains immune boosting properties and is high in antioxidants. Top that with great taste and you have an awesome alternative to coffee

  7. Bean Gypsea Coffee

    When you’ve reached your caffeine quota but need something to delish…RED Espresso…this is gold 🙂

  8. Moka House Cook Street Village

    We are using this redespresso to make 100% rooibos tea drinks. It’s caffeine-free and packed with 5x more antioxidants then green tea. You can have it in place of espresso in any espresso based drink for a new spin on a classic.

  9. Ken

    Sometimes when you’re around coffee all the time, your mind longs for something a little less intense !! that’s why us baristas enjoy our red cuppacinnos with honey at the end of a long day.

  10. Azwitamisi sarah

    I want to buy

  11. Anonymous

    I sell mostly coffee and red cappuccinos at my markets and events. I have seen – that if I don’t provide normal teas – people LOVE when I offer Red Americanos or Red Cappuccinos as alternative to tea or decaff coffee

  12. Rudi Botha

    Also red hot service

  13. Michael Allen Smith

    Red Espresso is a finely ground version of pure rooibos, which makes it possible to pull espresso shots. As a fan of rooibos and an espresso fanatic, I was excited to try this product. It delivered. I pulled several shots of espresso experimenting with dosage and tamping. Only tamp enough to level out the shot. You are not packing it like regular espresso. Because you aren’t packing the shot, don’t overfill. It just needs to be level. Red Espresso was able to deliver the rich, full, espresso-like taste with rooibos. I made shots for several rooibos fans, most of whom were not coffee drinkers, and they all enjoyed the rich flavor. It was a hit. Before completing my tests, I decided to pull espresso shots of regular rooibos tea that had not been ground as fine as Red Espresso. It was a mess and failed to yield the same rich flavor. Stick with Red Espresso. I am a fan of rooibos and espresso. Now I am a fan of Red Espresso. It brings the depth of espresso taste to rooibos. And the fact that it has no caffeine makes an ideal drink for late in the day.

  14. Dane DURANTO

    I cant believe they’ve been hiding this tea from us. Ive always wanted something stronger in flavour than regular tea bags.
    This is also perfect for iced tea

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