red espresso® is carbon neutral.

We offset 100% of our annual carbon emissions with the ReCarbon Hermanus project that diverts municipal green waste from landfills into organically certified compost that is used in a range of environmentally sustainable agricultural and gardening activities.

We practice sustainable farming.

In 2009, our primary farm was awarded the highest biodiversity rating in the Rooibos industry for farming as close to nature as possible. This means that our tea is grown in a sustainable, environmentally responsible way that has minimal impact on the biodiversity of the region. Although it takes much longer, our mountain tea grows naturally without irrigation. We also plant biodiversity corridors of proteas in between our tea fields to encourage bees to cross-pollinate. We follow organic practices and do not use herbicides, pesticides or irrigation.

Our cocoa is Rainforest Alliance certified.

Our cocoa in our Gourmet Hot Chocolate Range is Rainforest Alliance Certified creating a better future for people and nature.

Our paper is Forest Stewardship Council certified.

Our paper packaging is printed on FSC certified paper which means that it has been sourced in an environmentally friendly, socially responsible and economically viable manner.

We plant trees.

We are proud partners with Greenpop helping to restore ecosystems through forest restoration and more. In 2010 we partnered with CapeNature to help save the highly endangered Clanwilliam Cedar tree (after which the Cederberg was named) from extinction. Through our Red Cedar Project, we planted more than 5000 Cedars back into the Cederberg.

Red HQ, the home of red espresso®, is eco-friendly.

Red HQ, situated in Paarl in the Cape Winelands, is home to all our manufacturing, product and drinks innovation, packaging design and marketing. The building was designed to be as energy efficient as possible. 70% of our annual electricity usage is powered by the sun through the use of solar panels installed on our rooves.22% of our annual water usage is rainwater that we capture in rainwater tanks around our building.Insulated building blocks and double glazing moderate the temperature so we can minimize our use of air conditioning. Large windows allow for natural light where possible.


We are committed to Ethical Trade.

We are a proud member of Sedex, one of the world’s leading ethical trade membership organizations. Being a member of Sedex means we are committed to constantly improving our responsible and sustainable business practices throughout our global supply chain with a particular focus on Environmental practices, Labour and Health and Safety Standards and Business Ethics. Our Sedex Company Reference number is ZC: 414045947

Our tea is ethically sourced.

We pay a premium price for our tea to ensure that there is sufficient compensation for all who participate in growing and harvesting our Rooibos.


Every time you buy a red espresso® product, you are helping us to give back.

Our Seeds of Hope subsistence farming project

In 2014 we launched our Seeds of Hope subsistence farming project to help small scale Rooibos subsistence farmers in the faraway mission town of Heuningvlei. With no means to buy Rooibos seeds, plough their land or transport their tea to market, we’re changing their lives by doing so for them and upskilling them in best-in-class Rooibos farming practices too. At the end of the production cycle, we guarantee these farmers a consistent, premium price regardless of supply or market trends. The cash injection is unprecedented in the area. One farmer has upgraded his donkey cart to a Hilux; others have opened bank accounts for the first time ever. And what started as a trickle is rapidly becoming a stream. The number of farmers participating in the program has increased exponentially with every passing year and today we work with more than 20 subsistence farmers and buy more than 40 tons of tea from them.

Ground up

Since 2016 we have been a proud sponsor of the Ground UP Project which trains previously disadvantaged people to become professional baristas and finds work for them in the coffee and hospitality industries. More than just a cup of coffee, this is a cup of hope. By partnering with the unemployed and training them to be professional baristas, we change lives from the Ground UP. red espresso® is a proud sponsor of the Ground UP Project (a Learn to Earn Initiative) which, in its first year of operating helped 45 previously-unemployed people to embark on careers in the coffee and hospitality industries.

We help in the fight against cancer

Since 2015 we have been donating funds every month to the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) for research and community projects that help those affected by the disease. red espresso® was selected by CANSA, an NGO committed to fighting cancer, as a “smart choice” for consumers due to its multiple health benefits that have been linked to cancer prevention.

We help make dreams come true.

Since 2010 we have sponsored the Reach for a Dream Foundation to fulfil the dreams of children faced with life-threatening illnesses. Reach for a Dream fulfils in excess of 1,200 dreams every year and through their hospital initiatives, they reach a further 30,000 South Africa children. Their message is one of hope and inspiration. By creating happy moments in the lives of severely ill children they show that tomorrow is worth fighting for.