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Passion fruit honey red iced tea

If you love the flavour of passion fruit and you’re looking for a deliciously fun way to boost your immune system and look after your health, try our Passion Fruit Honey Red Iced Tea.

So quick and easy to make using either our red espresso® ground Rooibos tea or our Rooibos Matcha Latte Mix.

For a 240ml glass you will need:


    1. Add 3 blocks of ice to a 240ml glass
    2. Prepare red espresso® ground Rooibos tea – as you would coffee – using your coffee appliance and pour 200ml into a glass:
    3. OR mix 15g (three heaped teaspoons) of our Rooibos Matcha Latte Mix in 200ml hot water and stir well
    4. Carve out the fresh passion fruit and add it to the glass
    5. Dissolve the honey in the red espresso® Rooibos and add it to the passion fruit
    6. Mix together and serve

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