How to brew red espresso rooibos on your espresso machine

Make South Africa’s much-loved red cappuccino and red latte with our signature ground rooibos. 100% premium rooibos tea that has been specially ground for use in coffee appliances, it delivers a strong, full-bodied rooibos espresso that is the base for all of our red drinks.

Our 1kg bag is pre-ground and ready to use and contains 71 servings. It is easy to make on an espresso machine using our customised RCP basket or a standard double filter basket. It is also suitable for use on an Aeropress or French Press. It is not suitable for use in Super automatic machines or Bean-to-cup machines.

For best results
Dedicate a group head and porta handle to our ground rooibos and use our Red Crema Plus (RCP) basket. Using a dedicated group head and porta handle prevents any coffee and tea flavours mixing. Our RCP basket ensures best extraction, flavour and crema every time by slowing the pour and removing the need to pre-infuse. Alternatively, dedicate a porta handle and rinse the group head when switching between coffee and our ground rooibos. You can also make our ground rooibos using your standard double filter basket and manually pre-infusing.

Using our RCP basket

  1. Scoop 14g red espresso ground rooibos (one level red scoop) into RCP basket
  2. No need to tamp
  3. Express double shot (60ml / 2oz)

Using a standard double filter basket

  1. Scoop 14g red espresso ground rooibos (one level red scoop) into standard double filter basket
  2. No need to tamp
  3. Manually pre-infuse to draw out flavour and a better crema:
  • Start expressing and stop when the pour starts
  • Wait 10 seconds
  • Express double shot (60ml / 2oz)

Our signature red espresso ground rooibos is also available in 8g single serve soft pods.

Offer your customers all the health benefits of rooibos tea with the delicious taste and sophistication of our red cappuccino and red latte. An easy way to put health on your menu, with coffee-like margins.

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