Brewing Guide

Using our RCP® basket

Perfect extraction every time

We recommend using the Red Crema Plus (RCP) basket for best results. The RCP basket is our custom-made portafilter basket that we specifically designed to work with our red espresso® ground Rooibos. It delivers a perfect shot – thick, rich crema, stronger taste and better extraction. The science is simple, the RCP basket has fewer holes than a typical coffee portafilter basket. This helps slow the extraction to produce a richer, tastier shot of our red espresso® Rooibos more consistently.

However, you can also make our ground rooibos using your standard double filter basket and manually pre-infusing (start expressing and stop when the pour starts, wait 10 seconds, then express a double shot (60ml / 2oz). Or using an AeroPress.

Pros of the RCP basket

  • Consistent shots every time
  • Better, thicker crema
  • Strong intense flavour
  • Convenient: no need to manually pre-infuse

Products specifications

Made of stainless steel
57mm in diameter
Extremely easy to use
Fits on most models of the following commercial machines:
– La Marzocco
– Synesso
– Slayer
– Kees Van Der Westen
– Nuova Simonelli
– Victoria Arduino
– Astoria
– Rancilio
– Wega
– Brasilia
– Expobar
– Rocket
– Faema

 Please note that the RCP Basket does not fit the following machines:
– Conti
– Unic
– La San Marco
– La Pavoni
– La Scala
– Other 53mm group heads

If you have one of these machines, we suggest using a standard double filter basket for red espresso® and pre-infusing for best results. Or try using an AeroPress.


Step 1: Place the RCP basket in your porta handle
Ideally have a dedicated porta handle for our red espresso® ground rooibos

Step 2: Dose
Scoop 14g of red espresso® ground Rooibos (1 red scoop) into the RCP basket.

Step 3: Level
Ensure the red espresso® ground Rooibos is at an even level in the basket. Do not tamp.

Step 4: Bless
Using your palm, wipe away any excess red espresso® ground Rooibos from the rim of the filter basket.

Step 5: Extract
Pull a double shot (60ml). Wipe basket with a damp cloth afterwards if necessary.

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