Serve our rooibos red cappuccino

“If you haven’t heard of Red Espresso, then where have you been? Their Red Cappuccino is a firm favourite on South African café menus.” The Coffee Magazine

Offer your customers the latest in Specialty Tea with South Africa’s much-loved rooibos red cappuccino. An easy way to put health on your menu with coffee-like margins.


  • red espresso ground rooibos
  • Milk (delicious with almond, rice, soya and seed milks too!)
  • Cinnamon
  • Honey


  • Scoop 14g red espresso ground rooibos
  • Express a double shot (60ml/2oz.)
  • Add equal parts steamed and foamed milk
  • Serve with honey and cinnamon

“Red Cappuccino may look, act and sound just like any other high-end espresso-based drink, but it is naturally caffeine-free and it also contains five times more antioxidants than green tea, making it the very definition of a superfood. What’s more, Red Espresso boosts immunity, alleviates pain and fights cancer…Add a dash of honey, and it tastes amazing too.” The Coffee Magazine

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