Raspberry spiked hot choc with chocolate coated raspberries

Ingredients (makes 2)

4-6 tsp redespresso Original Café Choc Hot Chocolate powder

1 cup of boiling water

ó cup of plant milk of choice

6 raspberries coated in melted dark chocolate

2 tbsp of raspberry flavoured syrup

Melted dark chocolate for the rim (roughly 50g)

Optional: 1 shot of raspberry liqueur


1. Melt the dark chocolate in the microwave and coat the raspberries then set aside in

the fridge to set.

2. In a large jug, make the hot chocolate using the red espresso hot chocolate powder,

boiling water and plant milk.

3. Add the raspberry flavoured syrup and the optional shot of raspberry liqueur.

4. Using the remaining melted chocolate, drizzle it on the rim of the glass allowing it to

drip down the sides.

5. Pour in the hot chocolate and then garnish with the dark chocolate coated raspberries

and enjoy!

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