Vanilla Chai Latte 1kg

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Award-winning, rich and creamy chai. Made from a blend of mellow aromatic spices, black tea and caramelized coconut sugar. Designed to taste delicious with dairy and non-dairy milks.

✓ Vegan recipe
✓ Non GMO ingredients
✓ Non irradiated spices
✓ No artificial sweeteners, preservatives, colourants or nasties


Sugar, Maltodextrin (Corn), Glucose Syrup, Unhydrogenated Coconut Oil, Coconut Sugar, Spices, Black Tea, Flavouring, Stabiliser, Emulsifier, Salt, Anticaking Agent.

How to make

1. Add one 25g scoop of our Vanilla Chai powder to a 240ml (8oz.) cup.
2. Mix well with 60ml hot milk / milk alternative
3. Once thoroughly mixed, top up with steamed milk / milk alternative

Customer Reviews

3 reviews for Vanilla Chai Latte 1kg

  1. Rafieq Adams

    Definitely not what I expected.
    I’ve been hooked from the 1st time my lips were graced by this Chai Latte.
    It gives you an amazingly wholesome feeling each time you take a sip, that is to say if you are able
    to take the away from your lips as all you want is for this moment to last just that bit longer.

    To be fair, the packaging should come with a Warning label advising that your cup will be empty before you realize it and the bag will soon follow.
    You should also beware of whom you choose to gift with this tantalizing experience as they may tend to “just be in your area and thought they’ll they just pop in to see how you are ” more often.

    I would indeed recommend getting your loved ones a bag (or 3) and even your not so loved ones, as this would definitely warm them up from the inside out.

  2. Sue Allison

    Really not a good taste – exactly like bath soap ! How did this product get into stores? Worst ever.

  3. Chané

    Just love this chai tea, the 1kg is for catering purposes so not as creamy as the tin however it is still very delicious!

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