Instant Rooibos Red Cappuccino® Original

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Café-style Rooibos cappuccino, in an instant.

Enjoy South Africa’s much-loved Rooibos red cappuccino®, now without the sweetness. Quick and easy to make, anytime, anywhere, simply add hot water, sit back, and enjoy the moment.

✓ 10 instant sachets per box
✓ Take it with you wherever you go
✓ Less than a teaspoon of sugar per sachet
✓ Halaal certified


Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Skimmed Milk Powder, Whey, Coconut Oil, Maltodextrin, red espresso® Rooibos extract (4%), Potato Starch, Stabilisers, Salt.

How to make

red cappuccino®

1. Empty the red cappuccino® sachet into your cup
2. Add 200ml hot (not boiling) water and stir well
3. Wait 20 seconds for the rich, creamy foam to develop

Iced red cappuccino®

1. Empty the red cappuccino® sachet into your cup
2. Add 40ml hot water to mix into a paste
3. Top up with cold milk and some ice blocks

Customer Reviews

7 reviews for Instant Rooibos Red Cappuccino® Original

  1. David

    I first came across this on a cruise along the Norwegian coast.  A South African lady gave me 7 or 8 sachets to try and I was incredulous, ‘What cappuccino made out of tea!  That’s not possible’  But the dear lady insisted and so I tried, unbelievingly I have to say. But wow! What a wonderful taste and no caffeine either, because it’s made from Redbush tea.  The beauty of it all is I can drink this at night and I sleep soundly all through the night. I know you may not believe me that you can get cappuccino from tea but try a few sachets like I did and you will find a great drink.  Go on I dare you!

  2. Paula

    When I was told about this drink, I thought I would try it and it would be a nice thing to have once in a while. But straight after the first sip I knew that this drink was going to be a regular in my daily liquid intake. So wonderfully branded and it tastes heavenly. Well done, Redespresso!

  3. Liza Gregori

    I know there are a lot who prefer their Rooibos tea without any milk, but I am the complete opposite. I love my cup of Rooibos rich and creamy with subtle Rooibos flavours and this is not always easy to drink on the go. Then I came across the Red Cappuccino sachet, quick, easy and really tasty. A Red Cappuccino is my perfect cup of Rooibos.

  4. Nicole Terblanche

    Guys, I don’t drink rooibos tea.
    I don’t like it.
    BUT I can’t get enough of this delicious Red Espresso Cappucino. It has practically replaced my daily cup of tea. Thank you. I love it!!!

  5. Elmarie Meyer

    I am absolutely in love with this product! This is my ultimate favorite and i cant wait to start and end of my day with a cup of Red cappuccino!

  6. Lauren Philander

    This drink is my favorite, like literally my morning drink…. Geeeeeeez, I’m so super INLOVE!

  7. Leandra Kamaar

    Absolutely love this product. This is on our grocery list every single month (and we buy extra if we run out) i am a very sweet tooth so i do tend to out 2 extra sugars with it. The taste is out of this world. If i could rate it a 10,i would! Very much a chai Latte fan, and simply cannot wait to try your one tomorrow ❤️

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