Get rewards at the coolest independent coffee shops in Cape Town

You don’t ask for too much from a coffee shop. What you probably do ask is that it resembles the homely feel of your aunt’s living room. Maybe you ask if its Wifi streams faster than your office? You may request that the staff are as welcoming as your old high school friends. Then, one thing you certainly do want is a really great cup of coffee or red cappuccino®. The type that you’re left craving for long before you’re writing your first email of the day, and that you can still taste in your mouth when closing your book at night.

That layout, the Wifi, the people, and of course, the menu, all change based on your preference. You sure have your local coffee shop, but nothing beats the intrigue of trying out cosy little local cafés that serve delicious cappuccinos. Every independent shop has its own feel, its own story. It was no accident that each owner gave you their unique gift, and it’s certainly no excuse.

We heard about the Froth Coffee App which aims to give you a touchpoint to experience the absolute best in local coffee shops and earn rewards while doing so. Since no independent coffee shop is the same, Froth makes it easy for you to discover the hidden gems in Cape Town that will all give you the best brew.

This is why we think you’ll love the Froth Coffee App just as much as we do!

The coffee shops participating on Froth Coffee App all offer you the highest quality at competitive prices. Regular discounts on the Cape’s best local coffee and red cappuccino® will keep you coming back.

Here’s a list of the cool Cape Town coffee shops serving red cappuccino® on Froth – remember to download the Froth app first to qualify for your discount! And leave a comment for us – we would love to hear about your experience!

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Cool Cape Town coffee shops serving red cappuccino® on Froth

  • Bara Coffee in Durbanville
  • Blue Door Coffee Roasters in Simons Town

    “Our travels took us around the world, to places like Guatemala and Kenya where some of the best coffee is produced in its raw, berry form. We fell in love with good coffee and wanted to bring that coffee, and its profound flavours, home to our friends and customers. We opened a small roastery, up a cobble-stone alley in Simon’s Town. There we started roasting small batches of beans, keeping in mind that we only wanted to offer the best Single-Origin Coffee. Our friends and customers loved our coffee. They started coming from far and wide to get “the best coffee in Cape Town”. We soon realised that we were going to need to relocate in order to make it easier for all of our friends to get their favourite Blue Door Coffee beans. Today we are located in Harbour Bay Mall, a stone-throw away from Simon’s Town.”

    • Bob’s Bagel Café in Kalk Bay

    Bob’s Bagel Café, situated in central Kalk Bay, is the perfect spot to enjoy a great cup of coffee – which is roasted by Bob himself – and a bagel or two. The shop opens onto a park which is ideal for the kids, dogs, or just a place to sit in the sun and enjoy your treats from the café. Locally made bagels are the order of the day, dripping with yummy fillings, accompanied by chocolate brownies, and decadent fudge, along with a damn fine coffee!


    • Coffee Bar @ Best Bikes in Durbanville
    • Coffeeworks in Bellville
    • Die Koffieman in Durbanville

    “The Coffee Man, directly translated from Afrikaans to English is the Northern Suburbs coffee Mecca! We know our coffee and we know how to make the perfect cup. We have loads of different coffee merchandise like pour-overs, siphon coffee makers, cold brew drippers and the old faithful French Press. We are one of the only coffee shops that do organic infused coffees. Come and try our gin infused cold brew with tonic on the side. Our brandy infused coffee as a Dom Pedro is heaven on your tongue. Our motto: KOM KUIER!”

    • Dolce Bakery in Observatory

    “Dolce Bakery was founded in 2009 with the purpose of bringing food and people together, while creating memorable moments and spreading happiness. It has since expanded by adding a retail element to it and the new store brought with it a flurry of new ideas that included savoury items from New York style, traditionally boiled bagels to vegan treats and of course, great coffee! Using Baseline’s Revolution blend, Daniel, barista-extraordinaire, will sort you out with a delicious flat white that will most certainly be Instagram-worthy!”

    • Gangstar Café in Mowbray & in Durbanville

    GangStar Café has a unique and intriguing story to it. This café aims to uplift ex-offenders by training them as baristas and employing them in the café. When entering GangStar, you’re met by a smiling Xola, the manager of the café, who knows how to make a great cup of coffee. GangStar uses their own single origin, medium roast coffee, sourced from the Santos province of Brazil, which is absolutely delicious! Either Xola or Clint will make sure you walk out of the café smiling while you sip on their creation.

    • Grounded Café in Blouberg
    • GTP Express in Bellville
    • La Vita Café in Tygerfalls, Bellville
    • Stellski in Cape Town CBD

    Stellski is an espresso bar situated in the heart of Cape Town, CBD. Expect quality coffee, toasties, awesome music and seriously good vibes. Named after the founder’s Staffy, Stellski is bringing the fun, excitement and joy one coffee cup at a time. The Stellski Blend is their exclusive coffee blend which has been roasted in small batches to a point where the key coffee elements of aroma, body, acidity and flavour meet perfectly. Exhibiting a sweet honey aroma and creamy body our blend reveals fruity, malty and chocolate flavours. All ethically sourced from Africa’s finest beans through direct Fair Trade relationships with the coffee farmers – Stellski sure is bringing the fun, excitement and joy one coffee cup at a time.

    “The name of The African Way Coffee Shop is based on a quote by Thomas Sankara. “We must learn to live the African way. It is the only way to live in freedom and with dignity.” We have based our entire business on this ethos, making sure to operate every level of this coffee shop the African Way – the right way. We serve only African coffee; at the moment Single Origin Burundi Mutana. We use our premises as a community hub designed to bring together everybody with a desire to work towards Africa’s future together, uniting all sectors of society. For this purpose, we often host events in the evening to promote dialogue and action. We administer this business as a Cooperative, allowing all involved to directly see a return to their labour.”

    • TopCoffee in Newlands

    Try using your Froth App at these cafés who are also serving a red cappuccino:

    We commend the local coffee shop owners for giving us the heart’s and soul’s of the food and beverage industry. Froth wants to make you feel part of a culture and community that will thrive together with the shared mission of serving great coffee and red cappuccino®s. The Froth Team are committed to giving you the resources for your local business to support its local people. As a partner coffee shop on Froth, you can enjoy better customer retention as well as find new customers. Furthermore, being part of this community will provide you with a new means of communication – and you deserve to tell the world about your café.

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