Instant Red Cappuccino® Unsweetened 120g Tin

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Café-style Rooibos cappuccino, naturally caffein-free.

Enjoy South Africa’s much-loved Rooibos red cappuccino®, now without the sweetness. Quick and easy to make, anytime, anywhere, simply add hot water, sit back, and enjoy the moment.

✓ 12 servings per tin
✓ Zero trans fat and no hydrogenated oils
✓ No artificial flavours or colourants
✓ No added sweeteners or cane sugar
✓ Halaal certified


Semi-Skimmed Milk Powder, Glucose Syrup, Whey, Coconut oil, Potato Starch, red espresso® Rooibos Extract (7%), Salt, Cellulose Gum, Stabiliser: Potassium Phosphate.

How to make

red cappuccino®

1. Add 4 heaped teaspoons into a mug
2. Add 200ml hot water
3. Stir and allow to stand for 20 seconds for the rich cappuccino foam to develop

TIP: For a creamier drink, replace the hot water with hot milk

Iced red cappuccino®
1. Add 4 heaped teaspoons into a mug
2. Add 40ml hot water to mix into a paste
3. Top up with cold milk and some ice blocks


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