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Up in the mountains, time stands still. Massive sand stone mountains, eroded by wind over millennia, look like they belong on the moon. It is a very rugged, stark region where leopard roam free and water is a precious and sparse resource. This harsh environment where only the strong survive comes through in every cup of red espresso®.

Pete Ethelston, Co-founder and Managing Director of red espresso®

Single estate

Unlike other Rooibos, we make sure our tea is sourced from these single mountain estates and never blended. It is this integrity and rare quality that sets red espresso® apart.

We work directly with our farmers

Rooibos runs in the blood of the farming community who help us plant, harvest and cut our tea; year after year. With an intimate knowledge of their land and craft, they have perfected the art of a process handed down through generations.

We practice fair trade principles with our third generation Rooibos farmers and work together with them to grow the best tea.

Hand harvested

Harvesting Rooibos takes place during summer between January and April every year. Starting before the sun comes up, our harvesters cut ripe, green Rooibos by hand with sickles.

Green turns red

Our tea is expertly fed through a cutting machine to a size that is unique to red espresso®. This cut Rooibos is then laid on a shallow heap down the centre of a large tea drying court and watered with pure clean mountain water.

Almost instantly, heat builds up and the tea transforms from bright green to a dark reddish-brown – and builds up to 36°C (97°F)! It is left to ferment overnight.

Our eco-friendly custom-built factory

Welcome to the home of red espresso®, where our Rooibos tea is carefully cut with specialized machinery to meet the specifications of our patented grind.