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Rooibos smoothie powder for Diabetics

Written by Thapi SemenyaDiabetic Advocate as a paid partnership with red espresso®

The red espresso® Rooibos Smoothie Powder is honestly something out of this world. The first time I tried it, I kind of messed it up and it was really strong but the second time I tried it, as pictured above, it was amazing. I love the fact that I can still incorporate Rooibos in smoothies and milkshakes. So it is 100% natural and the best part is that it has no preservatives, additives, colourants or sweeteners.

The fact that it has no sweeteners means that it is also diabetic friendly.

Well you all know that I’m an advocate for all things diabetic friendly as I am a type 1 diabetic and I enjoy finding products that can cater for my health. I found that when I make a smoothie with the red espresso® Rooibos Smoothie Powder, my sugar would still be stable and because the smoothie would be thick, I would be full for a longer time; making it my go-to snack. Another great benefit is that it’s caffeine free so if you want to be able to still take a nap in the afternoon, you can still do so.

I personally really enjoyed the Smoothie Powder and I would recommend all Smoothie Lovers to try the red espresso® Rooibos Smoothie Powder. It is nutritious and healthy and is easily my favourite snack.

The incredible health benefits of our special Rooibos

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