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Smoothie booster powders – pure rooibos

R 108.00

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Immune boosting, detoxing and age-defying

The red espresso® Rooibos Smoothie Powder is a potent antioxidant booster. Just one teaspoon has the same amount of antioxidants as 5 cups of green tea, 6 cups of beetroot juice, 10 cups of rooibos tea or 20 cups of carrot juice.

Simply add one teaspoon (5g) of this unique Rooibos Smoothie Powder to your morning smoothie for all the immune boosting, detoxing and age-defying benefits you need. The unique antioxidant found in Rooibos tea is also believed to help in the fight against free radicals in the body that can cause heart disease and cancer.

The red espresso® Rooibos Smoothie Powder has an extra-strong Rooibos taste and flavour making it ideal for milkshakes, baking and gelato too. This smoothie powder is best used in a blender and is not soluble. It cannot be expressed and is not for use in coffee appliances.

  100g per bag (20 servings)
  Pure Rooibos powder
  No additives or preservatives
  Specially made for smoothies
  Also suitable for milkshakes, baking and gelato
  The ultimate antioxidant health booster
  Not soluble
  Best used in a blender
  Halaal certified
  Kosher certified

  Frequently asked questions

What our registered dietician has to say: "Rooibos tea is naturally caffeine-free and is a wonderful source of antioxidants which can help to reduce risk of diseases such as heart disease and cancer. The most nutritious, antioxidant-rich component of Rooibos tea, however is the actual leaves. Drinking Rooibos tea in the traditional way filters out the leaves and therefore only small amounts of antioxidants actually enter the hot water. The red espresso® Smoothie Powder is made from 100% Rooibos tea leaves which allows you to add the delicious flavours of Rooibos to your smoothie and to really get all of the health benefits of this amazing tea by consuming the whole leaves in powdered form."


100% Rooibos tea (Aspalathus Linearis).

Health benefits

  100% natural
  No additives or preservatives
  One teaspoon (5g) of our red espresso® Rooibos smoothie powder has the same amount of antioxidants as 5 cups of green tea, 6 cups of beetroot juice, 10 cups of rooibos tea and 20 cups of carrot juice
  Immune boosting
  Healthy heart
  Great post work out recovery
  CANSA Smart Choice
  Non GMO

How to make

  1. Put ice in your blender
  2. Add other smoothie ingredients (yoghurt, fruit, etc.)
  3. Add 5g (one level teaspoon) of red espresso® Rooibos Smoothie Powder
  4. Blend

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Super tasty in smoothies!

Love the naturally sweetened flavour that this adds to my smoothies.

The fact that it has no sweeteners means that it is also diabetic friendly.

The Red Espresso Smoothie Powder is honestly something out of this world. . The first time I tried it, I kind of messed it up and it was really strong but the second time I tried it, it was amazing. I love the fact that I can still incorporate rooibos in smoothies and milkshakes. So it is 100% natural and the best part is that it has no preservatives, additives, colourants or sweeteners. Well you all know that I’m an advocate for all things diabetic friendly as I am a type 1 diabetic and I enjoy finding products that can cater for my health. I found that when I make a smoothie with the Red Espresso Smoothie Powder, my sugar would still be stable and because the smoothie would be thick, I would be full for a longer time; making it my go-to snack. Another great benefit is that it’s caffeine free so if you want to be able to still take a nap in the afternoon, you can still do so.

I personally really enjoyed the Smoothie Powder and I would recommend all Smoothie Lovers to try the Red Espresso Smoothie Powder. It is nutritious and healthy and is easily my favourite snack.