Rooibos matcha latte mix 100g

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Exceptional grade rooibos matcha with a hint of organic coconut blossom sugar

We continue our tradition of new and exciting caffeine-free alternatives with our Rooibos Matcha Latte Mix. Made from only the highest quality red espresso rooibos tea that has been stone ground into a fine powder and blended with a hint of organic coconut blossom sugar for sweetness. Simply add to steamed milk of your choice for a naturally caffeine-free, antioxidant-rich latte that’s super delicious!

Best known for its calming, revitalising and rejuvenating properties, our rooibos matcha latte is relaxing, detoxing and age defying, and also helps strengthen your immune system.

Growing our rooibos as close to nature as possible helps it to retain its genetic integrity and results in superior quality tea that delivers on ultimate taste, colour, and aroma.

Traditionally rooibos is put in teabags or sold in loose-leaf form. But since 2005, we have pioneered a tastier, even healthier way of experiencing South Africa’s best-loved beverage with our award-winning ground rooibos tea range. And now, by grinding the plant to a powdery consistency, we have created an uber-healthy herbal matcha that is packed to the rafters with antioxidants.

Made from real pure plant-based ingredients

  Exceptional Grade Rooibos Matcha
  Deep reddish-brown in colour
  16 servings
  Vegetarian and vegan friendly when made with dairy alternatives
  No additives or preservatives
  No added bulking agents like flavourings, colourants, thickeners or emulsifiers
  No artificial sweeteners
  Refined sugar free
  Less than a teaspoon of organic coconut blossom sugar per drink
  Gluten free

Ingredients Exceptional grade rooibos matcha, organic coconut blossom sugar

  Naturally caffeine-free and calming and aids in a good night’s sleep
  Packed with a unique, powerful antioxidant called Aspalathin thatis believed to aid in the prevention of cancer, diabetes and heart disease
  red espresso rooibos contains 10 x more of this unique antioxidant than regular rooibos tea, and 5 x more than green tea
  It reduces stress levels in the body
  It is immune boosting and detoxifying 
  It keeps skin healthy and is healing and anti-ageing
  Ithelps to relieve the symptoms of IBS
  No additives, preservatives or colorants
  Low in tannin
  Halaal and Kosher-certified

Read more about why rooibos is so good for you here

In the café

  1. Add 6g Rooibos Matcha Latte Mix to a 240ml (8oz.) cup
  2. Add 30ml hot water and mix well to combine the ingredients
  3. Top up with freshly steamed milk or your dairy alternative of choice
  4. Alternatively, pour 240ml milk (or your preferred dairy alternative) into a milk jug, add 6g Rooibos Matcha Latte Mix and steam together to blend the ingredients

At home

  1. Add 5g Rooibos Matcha Latte Mix to your cup
  2. Add 30ml hot water and mix well to combine the ingredients
  3. Heat up your milk or dairy alternative. Pour into your cup and stir well
  4. Add a dash of raw honey if you prefer it sweeter
  5. Ideal for smoothies, breakfast bowls and baking too

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
The flavour profile is really good

We played around with mixing product with a little hot water and pouring that into the steam pitcher with milk and steaming together. The finished product was completely saturated and had good texture. Sweetened just nicely with the organic coconut blossom sugar to give very good balance to the finished drink.

Rooibos Matcha for your morning boost!

I have recently decided to drink less coffee but still needed something to give me the "wake up" I needed in the morning and then I came across the Rooibos Matcha.
This great coffee alternative has very fast become my new favourite hot beverage. I love that the two flavours do not over power each other and there is a lovely natural sweetness which means I have to add nothing but some milk and water. Tasty and healthy and definitely gives me the boost I need in the morning or any time of the day!


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