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Pure matcha green tea powder 1kg

R 2,459.00

(Incl. VAT)


Exceptional grade Japanese matcha

100% pure matcha green tea powder

When we launched our matcha latte mix, we received many requests from friends and red espresso® fans for a 100% pure matcha version - for those who prefer unsweetened matcha. 

Our Pure Matcha is a vibrant green colour with a clean taste and is great for lattes, smoothies, breakfast bowls, ice-cream and any other baking ideas you might have. You can also enjoy it the traditional tea way.

Exceptional grade stone-ground matcha

 Imported from Japan - our Japanese partner supplied matcha for over 100 years
 Vibrant green colour and smooth flavour profile
 Offers all the proven health benefits of matcha
 Just below ceremonial grade – perfect for lattes, smoothies, baking, ice-cream

Most people don’t know this but red espresso® is actually one of the largest suppliers of Japanese green tea matcha in South Africa. And because we fly in authentic matcha from Japan in large quantities for our café and retail partners we are able to offer very high quality matcha at a very good price!


100% Pure Exceptional Grade Japanese matcha green tea powder.

Health benefits

Matcha contains an amino acid that produces a calming effect and promotes concentration at the same time. It's also known for its sustained energy release.

  Vegetarian and vegan friendly when made with dairy alternatives
  No additives or preservatives
  No added bulking agents like flavourings, colourants, thickeners or emulsifiers
✓  No artificial sweeteners
  Refined sugar free
  No gluten

How to make

Enjoy our matcha the traditional tea way. Or use it for lattes, smoothies, breakfast bowls, ice-cream and other baking ideas you might have.