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Premium spiced chai latte powder 1kg – vegan friendly

R 210.00

(Incl. VAT)

A rich, creamy chai made with authentic spices, black tea and caramelized coconut sugar - vegan friendly

Over the years our customers have asked us for a chai tea latte blend. A café-quality chai.

This is our take on what we think is a good spiced chai. Made with authentic spices, black tea and caramelised coconut blossom sugar to give it our unique taste profile. We've cut out all dairy ingredients but still kept it indulgent. So now you can serve premium spiced chai that’s vegan friendly too.

Our spiced chai is made from ingredients that are GMO free and contain no milk, partially hydrogenated oils or cheap oil blends, no artificial sweeteners or colourants and definitely no palm oil!

Designed to taste delicious with dairy and non-dairy milks.

 Award-winning chai
 A rich, creamy chai made with authentic spices, black tea and caramelized coconut sugar
  Vegan recipe
  25g serving (buy our scoop)
  40 servings per 1kg bag
  Frequently asked questions 

Allergy advice Made in a factory that handles milk ingredients.


Sugar, Maltodextrin (Corn), Glucose Syrup, Unhydrogenated Coconut Oil, Coconut Sugar, Spices, Black Tea, Flavouring, Stabiliser, Emulsifier, Salt, Anticaking Agent.

Allergens: Made in a factory that handles milk ingredients.

Health benefits

  Vegan recipe 
  Non GMO ingredients
  Non irradiated spices
  No artificial sweeteners, preservatives or colourants
  No hydrogenated oils or cheap oil blends

Allergy advice Made in a factory that handles milk ingredients

What our registered dietician has to say: "Thanks to red espresso®, this authentic Indian beverage can now be made in the comfort of your own home by just adding a milk or milk substitute of your choice. The red espresso® Spiced Chai is made by blending black tea with authentic Indian spices such as cinnamon, ginger and cardamom. These spices have been shown to have beneficial effects on blood glucose control, cholesterol and blood pressure. In addition, studies have shown that drinking black tea can reduce cholesterol and blood pressure levels. As is the Indian tradition, this beverage is sweetened with sugar so be mindful of your total sugar intake for the day when adding a red espresso® Spiced Chai to your daily routine."

How to make

Our spiced chai is designed to taste great with regular milk and plant milks.

  1. Add one 25g scoop of our Spiced Chai powder to a 240ml (8oz.) cup and mix well with 60ml hot milk / milk alternative
  2. Once thoroughly mixed, top up with steamed milk/milk alternative

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Pam Rafols
Best chai latte

We serve chai latte in our food truck. Customers love it!!

Elize Scullard
Tried a lot and this is the best

I travel to many places around SA and always try Chai Lattes to see which taste the best and this is by far the best. I love the spicyness

Faba Roastery
Really a great product!

We use this in our café, customers love it! ❤️

Liza Gregori
Tastiest Vegan Chai ever!

I am not a vegan myself but I am trying to be more aware of what I put into my body these days. This gets very hard, most of the time, as I am someone who is big on flavour and really tasty food and drinks and am not always fully satisfied. But then I tried the Vegan Spiced Chai.with Macadamia milk. So full and creamy, I just could not get enough. If I could live off this I would probably go Vegan lol

Sean Moncrieff
The Chai of all chai's

All of the flavour, none of the rubbish!

We have a cafe and have always used their flagship red espresso blend for our red cappuccinos. We recently switched to their chai latte powder as well and they are streaks ahead of any of the chai latte powders we have tasted. Delicious full-bodied flavour. Our guests have had nothing but good things to say about it.

Highly recommended!