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Welcome to red espresso wholesale online where you can buy our full product range direct from us at wholesale pricing. Whether you are buying for your café, restaurant, hotel or office, we have a product that’s perfect for you.

You are not currently registered for wholesale. Please fill out the enquiry form below to apply. Once we have authorised your enquiry we will notify you via email and you can register and begin buying online. You are also welcome to call us directly on +27 21 863 1060 or email

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Home-grown, globally-known, healthy innovation. There’s a quiet revolution happening in coffee –Red Espresso. It’s got ten times the antioxidants of Rooibos and is caffeine-kick free. Enjoy red cappuccino® – it’s on its way to world domination.

Worth a shot

The latest sensation in the café society drinking circles is Red Espresso. Instead of cocoa beans, imagine your morning espresso, cappuccino, frappe or latte made with Rooibos leaves.