red espresso is no ordinary tea. It’s not your typical espresso either.

When we created our famous rooibos tea espresso in 2005, we opened up the world of coffee-style beverages to sportsmen, pregnant women, health conscious and caffeine intolerant consumers and anyone else who had previously been side-lined by cafés and the coffee industry in general. Not to mention coffee drinkers who can’t get enough of our unique taste.

We pioneered healthy café culture and gave people a choice that wasn’t there before. And won six international awards in the process.

Being an award-winning world-first is wonderful, but we are even prouder of our tea’s unique farm to cup journey. This journey lies at the heart of why people all over the world have fallen in love with our taste, our health benefits and our famous red cappuccino.

Watch our video - from crop to cup

Here are 10 reasons why our tea is so special

1. We work directly with our farmers and practice fair trade principles
We help our farmers to grow the best tea and offer them premium price consistency, regardless of supply or market trends.

2. Our tea is grown naturally on the highest plateaus of the Cederberg Mountains
We know that slow and natural growth at high altitude develops sweeter, bolder, richer-tasting tea. All of our tea is mountain farmed in its natural habitat with no irrigation.

3. Our farms scored the highest biodiversity ratings
We follow sustainable, organic practices and use no herbicides, pesticides or irrigation. Our main farm has been awarded the highest biodiversity rating for farming as close to nature as possible. These are the things that matter to us. 

4.  All our tea is single origin
Unlike other rooibos producers, we make sure our tea is sourced from single estates and never blended. It is this integrity and rare quality that sets red espresso apart.

6. Expertly ground for perfection
Our rooibos tea is expertly ground under patent by our team of rooibos espresso artisans. Dedicated to their craft, they have received extensive training in the science behind our rooibos tea espresso and understand the complexity of our grind.

7.  Our tea has a sweeter, bolder, richer taste and a thick golden crema
Our patented grind and espresso method of preparation means we extract a stronger, richer rooibos taste complete with a golden crema.

8. Our tea has 10 times more antioxidants than regular rooibos

Thanks to its unique patented cut and espresso method of preparation, 1 x 60ml shot of red espresso has 10 times more antioxidants than regular rooibos tea and 5 times more than green tea.


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