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I have admiration for your product and for the heart with which you do things and the ultimate value you place on people and enriching their lives. You’ve ploughed up new ground and opened a gap for a product people hadn’t imagined. That product is now a household name that brings everyday happiness to everyone from farmers and factory workers to baristas and customers.

Pete Howie, Seattle Coffee Company

Rooibos has never been cool…but now it’s flippin’ cool.

Soekie Snyman, past board member of the South African Rooibos Council

Athletes, nutritionists, yogis, pregnant women, and children are a few of the caffeine-adverse folks who can now participate in café culture, thanks to caffeine-free red espresso®.

Fresh Cup magazine

Home-grown, globally-known, healthy innovation.

ELLE Magazine

Rooibos tea could be the new world coffee.

The Star Newspaper

There’s a quiet revolution happening in coffee – red espresso®. It’s got ten times the antioxidants of Rooibos and is caffeine-kick free. Enjoy red cappuccino® – it’s on its way to world domination.

Marie Claire Magazine