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Original Rooibos tea capsules – compatible with Nespresso machines

R 79.99

(Incl. VAT)

Our signature Rooibos espresso.

Rich, full-bodied Rooibos strength and flavour.

Our home compostable Original capsules deliver a rich, full-bodied Rooibos tea espresso that is naturally caffeine-free, sugar free and rich in powerful antioxidants.

red espresso® has a unique flavour which does not taste like coffee. It is naturally sweet with slightly earthy undertones. It is rich and bold, with a full-bodied, well-rounded mouth feel and a refreshing, clean finish.

Delicious on its own, you can also add it to any milk of your choice to make our famous red cappuccino® and red latte®. Or pour over ice and apple juice for a homemade iced tea that's quick and easy to make. For more delicious recipes click here. You will see there is a red drink for everyone and every occasion.

The ideal healthy alternative to coffee that’s perfect for the whole family to enjoy anytime of the day or night.

✓ 100% compatible with all Nespresso machines except the VertuoLine
Each box contains 10 home compostable capsules made from 100% Biobased natural materials
✓  Special patented grind and maximum grammage delivers ultimate crème and flavour
✓  Made from our premium award-winning Rooibos tea
✓  Slow grown at highest altitude as close to nature as possible
✓  Great alternative to coffee
✓  One of five flavours in our Tea Collection for Nespresso machines
  View our recipe booklet for a range of hot and cold red espresso® drinks recipes to enjoy at home
  Halaal certified
  Kosher certified

Our home compostable capsules are:

  Made from renewable plant-based materials
  No GMO
  No PLA
  No Aluminium
  No fossil plastic
✓  Frequently asked questions



100% Rooibos tea (Aspalathus Linearis).

Nutritional information for the product prepared as espresso with 40ml water.

Health benefits

  Naturally caffeine-free
  5x more antioxidants than green tea
  10x more antioxidants than regular Rooibos tea
  CANSA Smart Choice
  Immune boosting
  No additives, preservatives or colorants
  Low in tannin

How to make

red espresso® Rooibos home compostable capsules are compatible with all Nespresso machines except the VertuoLine.

  1. Run a shot of water through your machine before use to rinse out any residual coffee flavours
  2. Insert 1 capsule into your Nespresso machine
  3. Express!
  4. Run a shot of water through your machine after use to rinse out any residual flavours


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
So great for me

I like Rooibos tea, but rarely I brew a whole pot. So this is perfect.

Amazing product!

About the tea capsules, I am very happy, because although I have a capsule machine, I only use that for guests. Now I can use my machine for me! I have made myself a big cup, and sent water several times through the machine and the result is a delicious Rooibos tea all the time.

Love this! 😍

Great idea for the tea drinkers.

Love at first sight:-))

All our family LOVE them:-)))

Best coffee substitute

I was practically addicted to coffee in my formative years and started drinking rooibos tea as a way to cut down on my bad habit. Plus, I wanted the health benefits that came with rooibos. When I discovered red espresso, I was blown away by the taste and how it offers the same strong flavour of coffee, without any bitterness or sour notes.