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Honey sachets single serve

R 319.93

(Incl. VAT)


Single serve honey sachets

Ideal to serve a red cappuccino®

The best way to enjoy our red cappuccino® is with honey (and a dash of cinnamon). Not only because honey is a healthier alternative to sugar but also because it complements the bolder, richer taste of our Rooibos perfectly too.

Our light amber, polyfloral honey is choice grade and comes from Zambia’s virgin Miombo Forests, where it is sustainably and ethically sourced. It has a rich, complex flavour.

  Ethically sourced
  Sustainably sourced
  Choice Grade
  100 x single serve 8g honey sachets
  Easy to open tear nick
  More convenient
  More affordable (less wastage because portion controlled)
  Premium experience for your customers
  Ideal in the café served with our red cappuccino® and red latte®
  Perfect with breakfast bowls too
  Halaal certified
  Kosher certified

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100% Zambian Forest Honey.

Health benefits

  100% Zambian Forest Honey

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Chaya Lapin
Awesome company

The service was excellent, their products are even better. I ordered online and my parcel was delivered 3 days later. I will definitely by from them again. As when I ask the shops for sa certain product i never get it. I asked one Spar 3 weeks ago for Chai espresso and still waiting.

Sonja Andrews

Great product and service


Had a wonderful experience ordering and got order quickly after payment was made