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Beetroot berry smoothie

Beetroot berry smoothie

Our Beetroot Berry Smoothie is super good for you and a great way to boost your energy, especially after a workout. 


  1. In a blender add:

    1 tbs red espresso® beetroot latte powder
    250ml plain yoghurt
    1 banana
    handful of raspberries
    1 tbs chia seeds
    1 tbs goji berries
    60ml coconut milk
    3 blocks of ice

  2. Blend and serve

Did you know you can enjoy our beetroot latte mix all year round? You can make a range of different recipes with it from delightfully delicious crimson lattes in winter to nutritious smoothies and breakfast bowls for summer. And you can even bake with it too – simply add a teaspoon to your favourite recipe!

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Kirsty Reid


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