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Over the years we’ve been featured by curious print, web and radio outlets from all over the globe. And we’ve been singled out by business partners and industry contacts too. Here’s a selection of our greatest hits…


“Rooibos has never been cool…but now it’s flippin’ cool.”

Soekie Snyman, past board member of the South African Rooibos Council


“It’s a superfood that’s indulgent … I’m still looking for the downside.”

 Carolina Tristao on Ozy.com


“Up in the mountains, time stands still. Massive sandstone mountains, eroded by wind over millennia, look like they belong on the moon. It is a very rugged, stark region where leopard roam free and water is a precious and sparse resource. This harsh environment where only the strong survive comes through in every cup of red espresso.”

Pete Ethelston, Co-founder and Managing Director of red espresso


“I have admiration for your product and for the heart with which you do things and the ultimate value you place on people and enriching their lives. You’ve ploughed up new ground and opened a gap for a product people hadn’t imagined. That product is now a household name that brings everyday happiness to everyone from farmers and factory workers to baristas and customers.”

Pete Howie, Seattle Coffee Company


“Athletes, nutritionists, yogis, pregnant women, and children are a few of the caffeine-adverse folks who can now participate in café culture, thanks to caffeine-free Red Espresso.”

Fresh Cup magazine


“Red Espresso is my go-to beverage for a healthy, comforting and caffeine-free hot drink that is also delicious and full of antioxidants! I often recommend Red Espresso products to my patients who are struggling to reduce their caffeine intake and I love seeing the improvement in their sleep patterns, stress levels, gut health and energy when they make the switch over from caffeinated beverages.”

Jessica Kotlowitz, The Green Dietitian


“I’ve lived in Heuningvlei all my life and have been farming since I left school. But everything has changed since Pete and Sarel started to give me seedlings and plough my land. I now earn more than I could ever have imagined. Red Espresso is making a difference for my generation.”

Ghal Ockhuis, subsistence rooibos farmer


"In the beginning, it was a real challenge to market a product no-one had heard of. But we now find consumers and cafés very open to the idea of a naturally caffeine-free alternative to coffee. The beverage category we created is here to stay." 

Monique Ethelston, Co-founder and Marketing Director of red espresso


“A fancy cool espresso beverage that’s a superfood. As the world’s first red rooibos tea espresso, it is caffeine-free and loaded with antioxidants. Monique and Pete Ethelston, Co-founders of Red Espresso, join us from South Africa to share how they started Red Espresso, what it’s like living in South Africa, how they team up with red rooibos farmers and practice fair trade. They have been giving back to the community in so many ways while creating a healthy, fancy, cool espresso beverage.” Listen to the podcast here.

My Favorite Coffee Story, Voice America Live Internet Talk Radio


“Red Cappuccino may look, act and sound just like any other high-end espresso-based drink, but it is naturally caffeine-free and it also contains five times more antioxidants than green tea, making it the very definition of a superfood. What’s more, Red Espresso boosts immunity, alleviates pain and fights cancer…Add a dash of honey, and it tastes amazing too.” 

The Coffee Magazine


“Home-grown, globally-known, healthy innovation.”

ELLE Magazine


“Rooibos tea could be the new world coffee.”

The Star Newspaper


“Rooibos with attitude.”

Longevity Magazine


“Red espresso serves as the combination of two very different drinking cultures. You get the hard-hitting flavours that are so awesome in coffee-based drinks but all the health benefits and antioxidants you get from tea. Having red espresso on a café menu as a decaf alternative could become a major phenomenon because it is a genuinely good product that caters to a genuine need—that of drinking something without caffeine that would give you the feel of drinking coffee, but with a better taste and quality than decaf.” 

Perfect Daily Grind


Red Espresso is a luxurious full-bodied tea with the appeal and feel of standard espresso. When pulled from an espresso machine, Red Espresso presents like a typical shot with crema, body and heart.

Barista Pro Shop


“Now you CAN finish dinner with espresso! We all know that the perfect way to finish a meal is with a strong cup of espresso, but we also know that this is followed with a night of tossing and turning. However, now coffee lovers can indulge in a flavourful hot drink in the evening without the caffeinated side effect as a revolutionary new beverage is unveiled.”

Daily Mail


“The first tea ever to win in the Specialty Beverage Category”

Mark Inman, SCAA Chairman


“red espresso, a world first and proudly South African product that innovated rooibos tea into an espresso, has been awarded the CANSA Seal of Recognition in recognition of its unique health properties. In addition to being naturally caffeine-free, red espresso concentrates the antioxidants and health benefits of rooibos tea, to a level where one serving (60ml red espresso) equals 10 times the antioxidants of traditionally-brewed rooibos and five times the antioxidants of green tea. Rooibos tea elevates blood glutathione levels (the master antioxidant in the body) which counteracts the process of ageing, the decline of the immune system, heart disease and the risk of cancer."

Cancer Association of South Africa, CANSA


"The reality is that many people have become accustomed to overdo it with caffeine to get through their busy days. But what if you had a healthy substitute that gave you that same kick in various forms without the caffeine? Step up Red Espresso, made from South Africa’s 100% naturally caffeine-free Rooibos. It’s not only the smooth and earthy flavour of the world’s first Rooibos tea espresso that are turning people into Red Espresso devotees. It is also the health benefits."

The South African


"Is reducing your caffeine intake on your list of resolutions? Don't wait for the new year to experiment with healthy alternatives! Heat up these antioxidant-packed superfood lattes using rooibos and discover delicious new ways to kick-start your day. The superfood brand, Red Espresso, condenses the tea into a concentrated espresso-style product to be used as a coffee substitute. Swapping your regular cappuccino for one with rooibos will boost your energy and your immune system, detox your body and calm your mind."

STRONG Fitness Magazine


“The latest sensation in the café society drinking circles is Red Espresso. Instead of cocoa beans, imagine your morning espresso, cappuccino, frappe or latte made with rooibos leaves. Try it before you knock it. With ten times more antioxidants than a normal cuppa rooibos and the same espresso enjoyment, it’s worth a shot.”

ELLE Magazine


“There’s a quiet revolution happening in coffee – Red Espresso. It’s got ten times the antioxidants of rooibos and is caffeine-kick free. Enjoy red cappuccino – it’s on its way to world domination.”

Marie Claire Magazine


“Red Espresso plays by coffee rules, but with all the benefits of rooibos tea: no caffeine and loads of antioxidants. This caffeine-free hottie works in the same way as coffee espresso and can be used in an espresso machine for lattes, cappuccinos and iced teas. It’s a winner with O staff.”

O, The Oprah Magazine

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