rooibos root beer

Check out this great recipe from Barista Pro Shop in the USA: Vanilla and sarsaparilla paired with the earthy tones of rooibos make this subtly sweet drink a great way to wind down anytime.


  • 1 oz. of red espresso rooibos
  • 1 oz. (or 4 pumps) of DaVinci Root Beer Syrup
  • 6 oz. of Milk (or Pacific Natural Foods Barista Series Rice Milk)


  1. Prepare red espresso rooibos – as you would coffee – using your coffee appliance:
  2. Add the syrup to the serving cup and steam the milk
  3. Pour the red espresso shot over the syrup and then pour your milk

    For the iced version, pour the shots over the top of the ice after mixing the syrup and milk.

    Serving size

    1, 8 oz. hot beverage or 12 oz. iced beverage

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