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Offer your customers all the health benefits of rooibos tea, with the sophistication of espresso, in a wide range of delicious drinks. An easy way to put health on your menu, with coffee-like margins. 

How to price our drinks

• Price your red drinks at the same price as their coffee equivalents.
• Alternatively, as it is a healthy product, you can add a slight (5 – 10%) premium. 

How best to put our drinks on your menu

  • Our rooibos red drinks names are always written as two words with a registered trademark ®
  • They should appear on your menu with your Tea offering  
  • Our matcha latte, turmeric latte and beetroot latte should appear as a separate offering on your menu called “superfood lattes”

Here are the best drinks descriptors that you can include on your menu:

For our rooibos:

  • red espresso® – caffeine-free rooibos tea espresso
  • red cappuccino® - caffeine-free rooibos tea cappuccino
  • red latte® - caffeine-free rooibos tea latte
  • fresh red® iced tea – freshly made 100% natural rooibos and apple iced tea

For our superfood lattes: 

  • matcha latte – green tea matcha latte
  • golden turmeric latte – turmeric, cinnamon and ginger latte
  • beetroot latte (also known as a crimson latte) – caffeine-free beetroot and ginger latte

Download our barista recipe card here

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