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Rooibos red latte®

Posted by Kirsty Reid on
Rooibos red latte®

Creamy and calming, our red latte is a delicious caffeine-free alternative to coffee and decaf lattes - made from pure rooibos tea.



  1. Prepare red espresso® Rooibos – as you would coffee – using your coffee appliance:
  2. Add steamed milk
  3. Cap with foamed milk
  4. Serve with honey and cinnamon

    Perfect for the whole family to enjoy anytime of the day or night, even before bed

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    • Teknik Informatika on

      Can you explain the process of making the perfect foamed milk for a Rooibos red latte? Are there any tips or tricks to achieving the ideal frothy texture for the latte? Tel U

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